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Wave Arts Panorama 5.35

It is a specialized tool for creating stunningly realistic 3-D audio scenes
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Panorama5 is a tool with which the user can create 3D audio scenes out of regular stereo sound. The program includes DSP technology that makes it possible to newly position and move sound around in three dimensions. This means that the sound can be panned out to the left and right, as well as up, down, near, far and back or forth. Distance cues and reverberations of sound can be localized and this is why the 3D sound panning is possible.

Not only that, but the Panorama5 program allows the user to combine the 3D audio panning with the acoustic environment modeling. This ensures control over the dimensions and surface materials of all six surfaces of the chosen room. This includes things like wall reflections, Doppler pitch effect, distance and reverberations.

The program is meant to be used for listening with headphones. However, there is also a crosstalk canceller that can be used with standard loudspeakers and played back. The Panorama 5 program is easy to use and the interface has an attractive design. To make things easier, each section has preset controls to use.

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  • Create 3D sound and model acoustic environment


  • Primarily for playback with headphones
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